"Show them how it feels to lose what they love."
―Catelyn to Robb Stark.

Queen Mother Catelyn Stark (maiden name: Catelyn Tully), and known by her nickname Cat, was a member of House Tully, the wife of Eddard Stark, mother of King Robb Stark, Lady of Winterfell and, late in her life, the Queen Mother of the Second Kingdom of the North. She was originally bethrothed to Brandon Stark prior to Robert's Rebellion, but his execution at the hands of Aerys II meant she instead married Eddard Stark, where she bore him five children. When the War of the Five Kings broke out and her husband was executed, Lady Catelyn became Queen Mother to the newly coronated King Robb. She remained at his side throughout the war, until she was murdered, with the rest of Robb's bannermen, by House Frey and Bolton at the Red Wedding. In the books, however, she was later resurrected as Lady Stoneheart