"The direwolf's red eyes were darker than garnets and wiser than men."
―Thoughts of Jon Snow.

Ghost is a direwolf bonded to Jon Snow. Born with five other siblings, Ghost has white fur and red eyes, and is the only albino of the litter. Despite Ghost's small size, he has grown to become the largest of the direwolf litter, and was nicknamed as such due to his silence and white fur. Ghost went with Jon when he joined the Night's Watch, and ventured beyond the Wall with him in the Great Ranging. In the show, Ghost goes with Jon when he leaves with Qhorin Halfhand, but wanders off. He later runs into Samwell Tarly and saves him from a wight, before following him to Craster's Keep, where he's later captured by the mutineers and placed in a cage. Ghost is then freed when Jon leads a party to kill the mutineers, returning with Jon to Castle Black, where he then helps in the following battle. Ghost remains by Jon's side, but does not partake in the Battle of the Bastards out of Jon's fear of his safety. In the books, Ghost remains with Jon when he goes undercover with the wildlings, until Jon specifically tells him to part ways before climbing the Wall. They are later reunited when Jon becomes Lord Commander.