"A man will tell you poison is dishonorable, but a woman's honor is different. The Mother shaped us to protect our children, and our only dishonor is in failure."
―Lysa to Sansa Stark.

Lady Lysa Arryn (maiden name: Lysa Tully) was a member of House Tully, the wife of Jon Arryn and later Petyr Baelish, mother of Lord Robert Arryn and Lady Regent of the Eyrie. She was originally betrothed to Jaime Lannister prior to Robert's Rebellion, but his joining of the Kingsguard meant that was impossible. She instead wedded Jon Arryn, and they produced a son, although he was sickly. She conspired with Littlefinger to poison her husband, and when he died, she blamed it on the Lannisters to start a war between them and the Starks. To this extent, she remained as Lady Regent of the Vale, later marrying Petyr Baelish. However, she would soon meet her end at the hands of her new husband, who shoved her through the moon door to plummet to her death.