"Are we going home? I want my horse. And I want applecakes and butter and honey, and Shaggy. Are we going where Shaggydog is?"
―Rickon to Bran Stark.

Prince Rickon Stark is a member of House Stark and a prince of the Second Kingdom of the North. The fifth child and third son of Eddard and Catelyn Stark, Rickon is the youngest of the Stark children. He is left behind in Winterfell when his father travels south to King's Landing, and, as a result, was later captured by House Greyjoy when they captured Winterfell, although successfully escaped North with Bran, Hodor and Osha. He was forced to part ways with them at Queenscrown, where he, under the protection of Osha and Shaggydog, travelled to Skagos to keep him safe. In the books, he is thought to still be there. In the show, he is captured by House Umber and given to Ramsay Snow as a hostage. To taunt Jon Snow into hastily attacking the Bolton army during the Battle of the Bastards, Ramsay uses a bow and arrow to kill Rickon, kicking off the battle in earnest.