"Only a fool humbles himself when the world is so full of men eager to do that job for him."
―Theon to Esgred.

Theon Greyjoy is a member of House Greyjoy, a former ward of Eddard Stark, formerly twice the prince of the Iron Islands, a prisoner and servant of House Bolton, and currently (in the show) the second-in-command of Yara Greyjoy. Theon was young when his father declared himself king and rebelled against the Iron Throne, only to be crushed, two of his sons killed, and forced to give up Theon to Lord Eddard as a ward and political hostage. Theon rose up as a non-biological brother to Robb Stark, and even fought by his side when he declared war on the Iron Throne himself many years later. When Theon was sent to Balon for aid, he betrayed Robb and led a raiding party to capture Winterfell. There, he titled himself "Prince of Winterfell", only to be betrayed by his own men (in the show)/knocked out and captured by Ramsay Snow (in the books). Either way, he ended up as a prisoner of House Bolton, where he was tortured by Ramsay, leading to the loss of his genitals, him adopting the name Reek, and becoming Ramsay's personal play thing. He eventually redeemed himself by helping Sansa/Jeyne escape Winterfell. In the show, he returns to the Iron Islands, forsakes all claims to the Salt Throne, and declares himself for Yara, before fleeing with her to join Daenerys Targaryen. In the books, he is taken by Mors Umber to Stannis Baratheon, where he is about to be executed for what people thought was his murder of Rickon and Bran Stark.